Work for the hands, holiday for the soul. An exhibition of folk art opened in Naryan-Mar on the occasion of Elderly Persons Day

With their works, the participants clearly show that creativity has no boundaries or boundaries.

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The annual exhibition will run until October 6 in the exhibition hall of the Arktika Palace of Culture.

“We have a good and long-standing tradition: every year we open the well-known exhibition “Work for the hands, a holiday for the soul.” Indeed, each product contains hand-made labor, painstaking handicraft exclusive work. In every picture, every bedspread, every curtain and other objects you can see a piece of the master’s soul. This exhibition is always filled with special light and an atmosphere of sincerity, comfort, and celebration. “All this is thanks to the hands of our craftsmen and their sensitive hearts,” noted Alena Odegova, head of the exhibition hall of the Arktika Palace of Culture.

Photo: Alexandra Berg/

More than 50 participants from the Nenets Autonomous Okrug presented paintings and decorative items made in various techniques: from original toys and complex embroidery to painstaking beadwork and patchwork.

Rimma Pashkina is a regular participant in exhibitions. At the exhibition “Work for the hands, a holiday for the soul” you can also see her works – pillowcases and patchwork blankets. The woman has been interested in needlework since childhood; her mother brought her love for this activity.

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— At first I sewed dresses for the dolls, then pillows, pillowcases, small rugs, so to speak, the further – the more. And when I went to school, I could already sew dresses for myself. Together with other girls we were making something. And if there were any rags or scraps left, we made various crafts – a soft bear or a cat. At first, maybe it didn’t look very similar, but then it started to turn out beautifully,” the craftswoman smiles.

As soon as the exhibition hall opened in Naryan-Mar in 1991, Rimma Alexandrovna became a regular visitor and participant in all events.

Photo: Alexandra Berg/

– How is it that I won’t go and lay hands on it? No, I always participate, I like it,” the needlewoman shares.

As Rimma Pashkina admitted, in her entire life she has not sold a single product – she gives all her crafts to her family, gives them to friends, and donates them to the Red Cross.

— If there are some rags left, I’ll tidy everything up, iron it, then sew it together and it turns out very elegant. My whole house is already covered in products, and so is my daughter. I like making other people happy. When they warmly accept my gifts, I always rejoice,” added Rimma Alexandrovna.

Photo: Alexandra Berg/

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