A Vologda resident robbed a store, bought a lighter with stolen money and burned it

Police officers detained a Vologda resident who attacked a store with a knife, bought a lighter there with stolen money and burned the bills, the regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports. It is noted that the man took a bag with personal belongings with him to the crime, planning to surrender to law enforcement officers and go to places of forced detention of citizens.

An employee of a store located in the 1st microdistrict GPZ-23 contacted the duty station of police department No. 2 of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the city of Vologda. The man said that a few minutes ago an unknown person entered the trading floor, stuck a knife into the shipping tape at the cash register, and then, under the threat of an object that looked like a knife, demanded the proceeds from the cash register. Frightened, the cashier gave away 7,120 rubles. However, the unknown person did not immediately leave the store, but bought a lighter with the stolen money , the report says .

During the arrest, the suspect did not resist and confessed to his crime. Investigators opened a criminal case under the article of robbery; he faces up to 10 years in prison.

Earlier, a video appeared on the Internet , which shows how a girl committed a robbery of a pawnshop in Moscow. According to the suspect, she was forced to do this by telephone scammers who convinced her that this would help her catch the criminals.

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