The person arrested for the attack on Vidal-Quadras, accused of trying to kill an Iranian reporter in the Netherlands

Tunisian Mehrez Ayari, arrested in the Dutch city of Haarlem at the beginning of the month as the alleged perpetrator of the attack against the former Spanish politician Alejo Vidal-Quadrasis also suspected of “preparing the murder of an Iranian activist and journalist residing in the Netherlands,” as announced this Wednesday by the Dutch prosecutor’s office.

The 38-year-old Tunisian, who has been identified by Spanish police as Mehrez Ayari, was arrested in Haarlem earlier this month by Dutch police, along with a co-accused, a 27-year-old man of Colombian nationality.

“Officers from the North Holland Unit were alerted to a suspicious situation on June 6 and responded immediately. Upon arriving at the scene, they saw two men running. Officers pursued them on foot and managed to arrest both. They turned out to be in possession of firearms,” ​​said the Dutch prosecutor’s office, which points out that the investigation is still open.

Both detainees remain completely incommunicado and are only in contact with their respective lawyers.

He was arrested when he was going to commit an attack similar to that of Vidal-Quadra

Last week, sources close to the investigation assured EFE that the participation of the Mocro Maffia in the attempted assassination of the former politician confirms the suspicions of the Iranian trail, since it is not the first time that the Iranian regime “hires” hitmen. of that criminal network made up mainly of criminals of Maghreb origin.

According to information shared by the Spanish police, Ayari was arrested in Haarlem, on the street, when he was going to commit another attack similar to that of Vidal-Quadras, former leader of the Popular Party and co-founder of Vox, although it is unknown if that victim is the same journalist. and Iranian activist or is it someone else.

Spain’s National Court took over the investigation into the attack on Vidal-Quadras following suspicions of links to Iran, which also led to the issuance of up to three arrest warrants for three of the six detainees.

These are Ayari himself and two others arrested previously: a woman also arrested in the Netherlands and a Venezuelan arrested in Colombia and implicated in the purchase of the motorcycle used in the attack.

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