Where will 4G appear in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug in 2024? Voting results for high-speed Internet have been summed up

The results were discussed at the weekly operational meeting of the Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Yuri Bezdudny

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High-speed Internet will appear in Ust-Kara and Kotkino in 2024. The coastal village rose from third to first place thanks to votes sent to the Ministry of Digital Development in paper letters. 660 people voted for 4G in Ust-Kara.

The sports capital of the region took second place with 376 votes for Kotkino.

Labozhskoye dropped from second to third place – 350 votes. It should be noted that for the second year in a row, paper letters to the Ministry of Digital Development decide the fate of high-speed Internet in the village. Last time, Labozhskoye was also in the lead, but after counting electronic and paper ballots, Karatayka became the winner.

Let us remind you, thanks to an agreement between the governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug and the Ministry of Digital Development, the connection quota for the region has been increased: in 2024, 4G will appear in two settlements of the district at once. A total of 2,195 residents took part in the voting.

— The intrigue remains. According to the results electronic voting the leaders were Kotkino and Labozhskoye, but residents of Ust-Kara took an active part and sent a larger number of written appeals to the Ministry of Digital Development. After all the votes were counted, the top two changed: now they are Ust-Kara and Kotkino. In 2024, high-quality Internet of the 4G standard will appear here, as in Karatayk and Khongurey,” noted Anton Lebedev, head of the district department of digital development, at a meeting of the governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

He added that a team of specialists left for Karatayka this week to carry out work on connecting to 4G. High-speed Internet will be available in the village by the end of the month.

— I thank active residents for participating in voting within the framework of the project “Eliminating the Digital Inequality 2.0” of the national project “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation.” Anton Valentinovich, now it is important that the program to connect villages to the Internet is carried out in good faith,” said Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Yuri Bezdudny.

The head of the relevant department also recalled the implementation of the governor’s instructions to expand the high-speed mobile communications zone in the district.

— Not so long ago I reported that mobile Internet in Naryan-Mar and the village of Iskateley had reached a new level. Now we have a full 4G connection, the speed has become much higher. We continue this work with MTS. Thus, equipment in Iskateley has been modernized, which has improved the quality of communications and Internet in the village. This also affects competition: other operators have also improved the quality of their mobile Internet,” concluded Anton Lebedev.

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