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Superservice of the Ministry of Digital Development 16 families in the region have already taken advantage of “Birth of a Child”

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To register the birth of a child through the super service, you will need a verified account on State Services.

How it works:

– At the birth of a child in a maternity hospital, with the consent of the mother, an electronic medical document about the birth is drawn up, which will go to her personal account on the State Services.

– Having received a notification in her personal account, the mother switches to the birth registration service and fills out an application indicating the name of the child.

– If a child was born in marriage, the father also participates in this process, agreeing on the child’s name at the State Services.

Organ The registry office, based on the received birth application and electronic medical document, forms unified state registry registry office digital civil registration record of birth.

– The child’s mother’s personal account on State Services receives a notification about birth registration and intelligence about recording the birth certificate.

The family will be able to contact the registry office in the future, if desired, to obtain a birth certificate.

The “Birth of a Child” superservice was developed by the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia together with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Tax Service of Russia.

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