To the museum – by school bus. Renewal of school car parks continues in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug

The keys to them were presented to the heads of institutions by the Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Yuri Bezdudny

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Tenth-grader Maxim Chuprov transferred to school No. 4 this year – he plans to take an exam in physics, he wanted to study in a specialized class. Periodically, he and other children attend practical classes at the Mayak Center; children travel here by school bus.

– Our teacher in the specialized subject, Valentina Ananyevna Antonicheva, works as a physics teacher at Mayak. We thought we would walk there, but we were pleasantly surprised – they take us there by school bus,” says Maxim.

School No. 4 is the largest in the city, with 1,126 students studying here. Previously, children traveled to events on a small bus, but now the school has a large bus designed for 29 passengers, made in an arctic design.

Photo: Alexandra Berg/

– We will now transport children to events and olympiads in whole classes, and not as before: in three streams. Our school is one of the most active, children try to take part in everything, so the bus was necessary. So happy! – notes the director of school No. 4 Natalya Anufrieva.

Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Yuri Bezdudny presented the keys to transport to the heads of educational institutions.

– Every year we equip our educational institutions with new school buses. These three wonderful buses have now been handed over to schools and additional education institutions. Children will be able to use them to go on excursions, to physical education lessons – to the skating rink and to the pool, and to visit city enterprises for career guidance,” said the head of the region.

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In addition to school No. 4, the vehicle fleet was updated at the Nord Sports Palace and at the Trud Olympic Reserve Sports School.

Director of Trud Sergei Paromov notes that the institution also already had a bus – but it was designed for a small number of passengers.

– Updating the transport fleet is important. The new bus can accommodate more people and requires less maintenance. We also plan that this bus will allow the institution to better interact with schools so that children can come to us for classes at the ice palace, and our athletes can go to events,” shares Sergei Paromov.

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In addition, students from school No. 2 will also be able to use the Truda bus. Deputy Director for Educational Work Olga Gorbunova is sure that schools located far from the city center especially need motor transport.

– As part of network interaction, we will be able to send a request to Trud that we need a bus. This is very important for us; our students also want to go to the museum and library with their class. The same applies to exams and additional classes at the summer playground,” explains Olga Gorbunova.

Let us remind you that Previously, a representative of the school parent committee, Lyudmila Polikarpova, approached the head of the region with a request to assign a bus to the second school.

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The school fleet is being updated in accordance with the instructions of the President of Russia. The new buses are Russian-made, they are made at the Pavlovsk Automobile Plant.

IN 2022 school buses appeared in schools No. 1 and No. 5, the Nenets special (correctional) boarding school, as well as in the Leader youth center. In 2021 – at Naryan-Mar school No. 3 and the school in the village of Iskateley.

Photo: Alexandra Berg/

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