“Ticket to the Future” is holding a campaign for Teacher’s Day throughout the country

On October 5, as part of the “Russia – My Horizons” course, an all-Russian career guidance session dedicated to the teaching profession will be held for all schoolchildren in the country. Students will be able to try themselves in the role of their teachers in 45 minutes

Photo: Project “Ticket to the Future”

In the context of a large-scale career guidance program, which has been conducted in all schools in the country since September 2023, each participant in the “Russia – My Horizons” lesson will try himself as a teacher using a new format of professional testing classes.

The event, created by the “Ticket to the Future” project, is timed to coincide with Teacher’s Day, which is celebrated on October 5, as well as the celebration of the Year of the Teacher and Mentor in Russia, announced by the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin. The purpose of the lesson is to remind schoolchildren of the country how important the profession of a teacher is and how far into the future the results of his work go.

— So much has already been said about the importance of the role of the teacher in building the future, in the formation of generations, in the history of mankind. Truly, it is difficult to overestimate the place of a teacher in the modern world. This is such a noble and high calling. And our goal today is to maintain this reverent and respectful attitude towards the profession. That is why, among the dozens of virtual professional tests that will be available to schoolchildren this year, the professional test for the profession of Teacher occupies a special place, and this is what we offer to the children first. Every child, and now we are talking about 2.5 million platform users, will come into contact with the professional sphere of those with whom they have been walking hand in hand for about 10 years. I am sure that even a simple study of the teaching profession will help you to feel differently the importance of the daily feat that our teachers make for future generations. It is gratifying that thanks to the “Ticket to the Future”, the course “Russia – My Horizons”, the family of teachers has been replenished with career guidance teachers or teacher-navigators, as we call them, said Ivan Esin, head of the “Ticket to the Future” project.

A professional test lesson is a new unique format that will allow schoolchildren to become not just listeners, but direct participants in the lesson.

Videos, interactive applications and online tools will help children, like real teachers, prepare and conduct a lesson, get acquainted with different teaching techniques, learn to answer unexpected questions in a virtual classroom, and even check their independent work.

And at the end of the lesson, the children will be asked to print and fill out special greeting cards for Teacher’s Day and present them to their favorite teachers. This lesson will be of particular value for those students whose career guidance testing has shown their interest in the teaching profession.

But these are not all the surprises from “Ticket to the Future” for dear teachers. During the big teachers’ week, which opened in Moscow on October 3 and became the main event of the Year of the Teacher and Mentor, the project organizers installed a large multimedia cube. Each participant will be able to find on it the facade of their school, their home subject room and see warm congratulations from the children on the board.

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