More than half of NAO families can afford to buy housing with a mortgage

This RIA rating data

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IN ranking reflects what proportion of families with an official salary of one or two workers can afford to purchase an ordinary two-room apartment by taking out a mortgage credit.

Thus, according to the study, 54.1% of families in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug can buy housing in credit. Last year this figure was 53.1%.

The study was prepared by experts agencies RIA Rating according to the Central Bank, Rosstat and Domklik. The percentage of families that can make a monthly mortgage payment is used as an indicator of mortgage affordability in the rating. loan and carry out daily expenses. This share was estimated based on the distribution of workers by salary in each region.

Size loan designed for a two-room apartment with an area of ​​60 square meters. meters in your region with an initial payment of 30%. Family income from work took into account the payment of personal income tax.

It was assumed that 70% of the family budget, remaining after deducting the cost of living for each family member, goes to paying off the mortgage, 30% – to other optional expenses.

— The high popularity of mortgages is associated with many factors. Firstly, there was a strong reduction in rates, especially for subsidized loanswhich attracted a large number borrowers. Secondly, the decline in unemployment and rising wages increased the number of potential borrowers. Thirdly, against the background of good quality of the mortgage portfolio loans began to be issued to a wider circle borrowersmany of whom were previously loans refused. Fourthlyrising real estate prices creates excitement on the part of buyers, as they are afraid more higher price increases in the future, which will make it more difficult for them to improve their living conditions. Fifthly, the mortgage becomes All more commonand many fears associated with it cease to have an impact,” RIA notes.

Researchers also note that in Russia there is an increase in the average size loan. The loan amount amounted to 3.8 million rubles in July 2023 (an increase of 1.3 times over 2 years). Term mortgage loans also increased: in August current year He amounted to almost 25 years, compared to 22 years last year.

Medium height loan and increasing loan terms increase the availability of purchasing their own housing for Russian citizens.

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