Blessed land. Photo report from the village of Vyucheysky

I managed to catch one autumn day in a fertile and harsh region – the small, sparsely populated village of Vyucheysky.

It’s an October weekday in this northern corner. The sky here is wide, blue and high, it seems that even a glance is not enough to take in this entire heavenly canvas. The clouds seem to be painted with an artist’s brush—they take on bizarre shapes, resembling a flying ship or cotton candy.

The streets are deserted and quiet, dogs bark occasionally. Children and youth have left to study, and those who remained in the settlement are busy with their own affairs or working.

The air in Vyucheysky is clean and fresh, but frosty notes can already be felt. The weather tests the northerners’ strength: the bright sun is shining, there is not a cloud in the sky, but the next second clouds will roll in, the wind will pick up, and cold autumn rain will fall. But the inhabitants of the Arctic have become accustomed to, and even learned to see beauty in such impermanence.

The calmness and tranquility of Vyucheysky is in our photo report.


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