Who is Robert Card, the perpetrator of the Maine shooting that left more than 20 dead

Hundreds of police officers search for Robert Card -40 years-, the main “person of interest” identified by the authorities in the shootings that this Wednesday claimed the lives of twenty people in the town of Lewiston (Maine), in the United States.

At a press conference in which He did not want to confirm the death toll published by the media (up to 22, according to CNN, ABC and Fox News, which cite law enforcement sources), Mike Sauschuck, commissioner of the Maine Department of Public Safety, said that at the moment they are only looking for Card.

He also confirmed that Card’s car has been found in the town of Lisbon, about 12 kilometers from the scene of the shooting, and that is why he also asked the residents of that city to stay in their homes, as well as those of Lewiston.

Weapons instructor with mental problems

He also asked anyone who has information about his whereabouts to contact the authorities by calling 911 and thanked the citizen collaboration received so farwhich he noted is being very active.

However, Sauschuck did not want to go into details about the suspect, who the media has identified as a weapons handling instructor with a history of mental problems -he had been “hearing voices” for some time, according to several relatives, which is why he was admitted to a medical center- and that he is a soldier in the reserve.

And in response to media requests He insisted on not giving any number of victimsneither exact nor approximate, because the situation is “fluid” and for not updating said data a few hours later.

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