The Israeli Army carries out a selective raid with tanks in the northern Gaza Strip

The Israeli Army announced early on Thursday that it had carried out a “selective raid” with tanks in the northern Gaza Strip “as part of the preparation” for the invasion of the enclave, controlled by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

“As part of the operation, the forces They have located and attacked many terroristshave destroyed terrorist infrastructure, anti-tank positions and They have carried out organizing work in the area“, explained the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Furthermore, they have clarified that “The troops have left the area at the end of the mission” and have returned “to Israeli territory,” according to a statement.

The Israeli Army radio announced the military operation minutes before, stressing that the IDF has carried out “an unusual and extensive ground incursion of infantry and armored forces”, which has been the “greatest range and depth” in said territory. .

Its purpose is to attack Hamas targets from within the Strip and strengthen the defense. “This is a broader operation than the incursions carried out so far in the last two weeks in the Gaza Strip,” the station noted.

For its part, the Palestinian newspaper ‘Filastín’, linked to Hamas, reported this morning that “violent armed clashes” are taking place in the center-east of the territory.

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