Benjamin Netanyahu reaffirms that “there will be ground intervention” in Gaza

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahureaffirms that “there will be ground intervention in Gaza” and that “they are working against the clock” in preparations to destroy the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, author of the attacks against Israel on the 7th with 1,400 dead and more than 200 kidnapped.

“We are in a war for our sovereignty, for our existence and we have set ourselves two fundamental objectives: eradicate military and government capabilities of Hamas and do everything possible to bring home” the hostages held by the Palestinian Islamist group, Netanyahu said in a televised address.

The Israeli Prime Minister points out that, together with the Minister of Defense, Benny Gantzand the Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi, “work around the clock, day and night”, to execute the objectives of this war until victory.

“And we do it without political considerations, the only thing that matters to us is saving this country and obtaining victory,” he emphasizes.

May the murderers who committed these horrendous crimes pay for it

“I would like to be clear: the timing of the operation of the Israel Defense Forces “has been unanimously determined by the cabinet in charge of this mission, together with the chief of the General Staff, and we are working to guarantee the most optimal conditions for our troops during the upcoming activities,” Netanyahu stressed.

They are going to investigate “thoroughly” what happened

The prime minister stressed that they will investigate “thoroughly” what happened on Israel’s southern border – the border with Gaza.

“Everyone will have to give answers, including me, but all that will happen only after the war,” Netahyahu said.

“As prime minister, I am responsible for guaranteeing the future of this country. “Now my role is to lead the Israelis, the State of Israel and the people of Israel to an overwhelming victory.”

I will not give details about when, how and how much

Netanyahu recalled that Israel has killed “thousands of terrorists” and that this is just the beginning, as they are preparing for a ground offensive.

“I’m not going to give details about when, how and how much“, nor am I going to specify the various considerations that we are taking into account, many of which are not known to the population of Israel, which is positive, because we want to protect the lives of our soldiers,” he indicated.

Together we will fight and together we will win

Netanyahu stated that when Israeli troops enter Gaza they will make “the murderers who committed these horrendous crimes pay.”

He reiterated the call of the Israeli authorities to the civilian population of northern Gaza to go south and avoid the consequences of the ground operation. “Leave and go to the south of the Gaza Strip, leave your homes,” Netanyahu urged.

“Citizens of IsraelLet us not forget for a moment the terrible pain of the loss of more than 1,400 of our brothers and sisters who were massacred in cold blood,” the prime minister remarked.

Get out and go to the south of the Gaza Strip, leave your homes

“This is a battle against these terrible monsters who wanted to kill us all. The loss of their lives is like arrows pointing to our hearts, to our souls.“.

“Together we will fight and together we will win,” the Prime Minister of Israel concluded his speech.

In retaliation to the Hamas attacks on the 7th, the Israeli Army has been bombing the Strip daily since that date and has caused more than 6,500 deaths.

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