United Russia proposed increasing budget funding in a number of areas

According to the website, by the second reading the party will work with the Ministry of Finance to increase funding in a number of areas – for rural development, training of specialists, modernization of employment centers

Photo: press service of the United Russia party

Subtotals implementation folk programs “United Russia» and financing her The provisions in the draft budget for the upcoming three-year period were discussed at a meeting of the party’s program commission, which was chaired by Dmitry Medvedev, with the participation of Secretary of the General Council Andrei Turchak, coordinators of the directions of the people’s program, as well as ministers.

As Dmitry Medvedev emphasized, when working on the draft budget, the party tried take into account the wishes of voters as much as possible.

— Based on the program, funds for the payment of maternity capital and subsidies for the birth of children have been increased, indexation of pensions, the minimum wage, wages of public sector employees has been provided, an increase in payments to the disabled, provision of funding for grants to young people scientistssocially oriented non-profit organizations, said Chairman parties.

He reported that next year the budget plans to increase spending on social policy by 7.7% – to more than 20 trillion rubles.

– This corresponds to the goals of the people’s program and party projects. The task is to fully ensure the financing of all social obligations included in the main party document. And continue projects that ensure people’s quality of life, make life comfortable, prosperous and safe. Including, of course, new regions,” said Dmitry Medvedev.

He also emphasized that one of the most important priorities of United Russia in the budget is support Armed Russian ForcesSVO participants and their families, provision front everyone necessary.

– This higher a priority. To him need to be given Special attention. So that the new budget takes into account the needs of all parts of the military-industrial complex. Our future Victory directly depends on this,” said Dmitry Medvedev.

He noted that other priorities of United Russia should be reflected in the main financial document. In particular, rural development and financing of the corresponding state program.

— Last year, more than 40 billion rubles were budgeted for these purposes. The current project already provides for a little more than 62 billion. To achieve the goals of the people’s program, the party proposes to add practically 26.5 billion rubles for a three-year period. I am confident that the Ministry of Agriculture will support us. We have held the necessary consultations with the Ministry of Finance,” said Dmitry Medvedev.

United Russia also offers additional funding for a program for involving agricultural land in circulation.

– For us now this is a question not idle. Just look at what processes are taking place in the food sector all over the world. Last year, the budget allocated 5 billion rubles for these purposes. The current project has already included about 17 billion. But United Russia considers this amount not quite sufficient. I ask the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Finance to consider the possibility of increasing funding by another 10 billion rubles,” I addressed the ministers Chairman parties.

The provisions of the party’s people’s program in the field of education, health care, and social policy are provided with funding in the draft budget.

For examplefor hot meals for schoolchildren in 2024 it is provided 5.7 billion additionally, for class management – more than a billion rubles. From new areas of financing highlighted separately additional financing for advisors to directors for education in colleges – 2 billion annually. For the safety of schools in new regions – an additional 9.3 billion rubles annually. Funds have been provided for the overhaul of schools and for providing them with new buses.

Additional funding, according to United Russia, the program requires “Professionalism” This will help fulfill the President’s instructions to train a million specialists in five years. Now the draft budget provides for 7 billion so that 70 technical schools and colleges receive 100 million annually. The party proposes to allocate an additional 9 billion rubles for the program. The initiative was supported by the Ministry of Finance.

“We will work on this issue and together with our fellow deputies we will determine the necessary sources,” said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

Another party proposal is to increase funding for the modernization of employment centers before 10.5 billion rubles Currently, 691 million rubles have been allocated for these purposes in 2024 for 86 employment centers. At the same time, 550 will be modernized in 2023.

“We will work on increasing funds for the modernization of employment centers with our colleagues for the second reading,” said Anton Siluanov.

The minister emphasized What everything is reflected in the draft budget, What provided for in the United Russia program document.

— The growth rate of nominal wages of public sector employees in 2024 is almost 10%. Provides indexation of all social obligations, maternal capital. The average pension next year will be 23,244 rubles. Money has been allocated to increase the minimum wage. Our obligations regarding housing benefits due to birth child – this is about 10 million children. In education, resources are provided for the overhaul of schools. New places in schools – 1,300 schools, as we planned, will be provided with the necessary co-financing. WITH the beginning of the implementation of the primary healthcare modernization program 1,700 new first aid stations will be built, 6 thousand outpatient clinics and clinics will be renovated. A number of other activities are fundedincluding, medical rehabilitation program, the necessary resources are provided for oncological and cardiovascular diseases,” said Anton Siluanov.

In turn, Andrey Turchak focused on the implementation provisions of the people’s program. He noted that in the first half of the year it was completed by 53%. In total, since the beginning of implementation, more than 8.5 thousand social facilities have been created and modernized. Money has also been taken into account for the renovation of universities, as well as for the creation of campuses.

— 411 schools, 258 kindergartens, 762 healthcare institutions, 70 sports complexes were built. Reconstructed 2.6 thousand schools and 2.5 thousand medical institutions. 1.5 thousand prefabricated first aid stations and 349 cultural and leisure centers in rural areas were introduced. Over repaired 1.2 thousand post offices and 301 university dormitories. 16 thousand courtyards and public areas have been landscaped. According to the social program additional gasification 375 thousand households and 723 thousand land plots have been gasified,” said Andrey Turchak.

Since June, the program has been expanding to new regions. As the secretary of the party’s General Council noted, this has already made it possible to restore 2.5 thousand apartment buildings and more than 150 social facilities.

In conclusion, Dmitry Medvedev emphasized that the budget is indeed being formed in extremely difficult conditions.

“But United Russia, regardless of these conditions, will continue to conscientiously fulfill the promises it made to citizens in its popular program,” concluded Dmitry Medvedev.

Anatoly Kurlenko, head of the United Russia faction in the Assembly of Deputies of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, noted that the implementation of the party’s people’s program continues in the Nenets Okrug:

– Now coming construction of a farm and milk processing plant in Omagh, the contractor has already completed the foundation work and has begun pouring the floors and installation metal structures. Full swing coming construction physical education and health complex V village Seekers. Construction site under him fully prepared, the foundation is being poured. The finished fitness center is planned to be commissioned by the end of 2024.

In addition, work is underway to improve public areas and forested areas. Secretary of the Nenets regional branch of the United Russia party, Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Yuri Bezdudny personally supervises the work at all sites together with deputies, party activists and representatives of the public as part of the “Party Landing”.

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