The Nenets Autonomous Okrug increased the purchase price for the first category of venison

It will be up to 250 rubles – in addition to subsidy 150 rubles per kg

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The increase in the purchase price was announced by the Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Yuri Bezdudny, on his pages on his social networks.

– Reindeer husbandry is the main branch of agriculture in our district. On the part of the state, we supported and continue to support tundra workers. Today we decided to increase the purchase price for the first category of meat to 250 rubles per kilogram (in addition to the subsidy of 150 rubles per kg). “We plan to purchase 1,200 tons of meat from reindeer herders in the upcoming slaughter campaign,” the head of the region wrote.

Let us remind you that the purchase price of venison for the first time in 10 years increased last year. This is done to support the reindeer herding industry. Thus, in 2022, the purchase price of venison meat at JSC Myasoprodukty was 200 rubles per kilogram of meat (excluding VAT).

Now it will be 250 rubles per kg of the first category of meat.

In addition, last year, on behalf of the governor, all reindeer herding farms receive a subsidy of 150 rubles per kg of venison. And those who hand over meat for processing to the Naryan-Mar meat processing plant and those who are engaged in their own processing and independently sell meat to residents.

At the same time, the regional authorities have limited the maximum price for the sale of venison by farms receiving subsidies. You can buy a kg of meat from them for no more than 250 rubles.

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