Relatives of those kidnapped by Hamas ask for help: “I beg you to help us, what would happen if they were your relatives?”

Several relatives of those kidnapped by Hamas in Gaza have asked in Madrid, during a European tour to ask for release of loved onesthe support of the government and Spanish society, denounced these “war crimes” and begged for their return: “we just want them to return safe and sound.”

The relatives held a press conference after meeting with the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Albaresand in which other sympathizers also participated demanding the release of the kidnapped people.

At the event, held just a few minutes after Hamas announced today the death of 50 hostages due to Israeli bombings, they spoke Maayan Sigal-Korenwith five kidnapped uncles and cousins; Merav Mor Ravivwho has his brother, his nephew and his brother’s wife under captivity; Naama Weinberg, with his cousin kidnapped and his uncles murdered; and Yulie Ben-Ami (along with her partner Roberto Meyer) whose parents are also detained.

Relatives of the hostages

Wearing T-shirts with the names of their relatives and the phrase in English “Bring them home now,” the relatives explained how the homes of their loved ones were left after Hamas entered to kidnap them and lamented “the absolute ignorance” on them since last October 7, when the Hamas attacks occurred.

Sigal-Koren told how his mother and her partner, as well as his sister, his brother-in-law and a niece were kidnapped from their home, in a kibbutz near Gaza, on Saturday, October 7.

Bring them home now

“The army entered their house but found no trace of them, they found the house in disarray, everything destroyed but with no signs of physical violence,” recalled this Israeli with Argentine nationality, who assured that they came to search in the videos published by Hamas but did not find They managed to find them in the images.

“There is no precedent in the world for the criminal kidnapping of such a large mass of civilians, it is a clear war crime, with all the ethical, legal and international connotations, I came to ask that Spain and all democratic communities not remain silent and demand the release of my relatives, I just want help so that our loved ones return safe and sound today,” he demanded.

For his part, Mor Raviv regretted the lack of information about the situation of his relatives, who already had “a poor state of health.”

“My relatives were activists for peace, they helped children from Gaza cross into Israel to have better health treatments, they have fought all their lives for peace and for there to be peace, I ask you, no, I beg you, that we Help, what would happen if they were your relatives?” he questioned.

Petition for the release of “more than 220 Israeli citizens”

The Israeli ambassador to Spain, Rodica Radian-Gordonthanked his compatriots for traveling to Madrid to “share their first-hand testimonies” and asked the Spanish people to “join” his requests for the release of “more than 220 Israeli citizens” held by Hamas.

The family members were in Paris yesterday and will continue this tour to share their testimony in other European cities such as Brussels, Copenhagen, Vienna or Berlin.

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