Raúl Incertis, doctor evacuated from Gaza: “This cruel and excessive collective punishment must end now”

The anesthetist from Doctors Without Borders, Raúl Incertis, recently evacuated from Gaza through the Rafah crossing, which connects the south of the Strip with Egypt, has sent a message in which he describes the humanitarian situation of the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip.

Raúl has asked that the Palestinians be let out of Gaza, “from that horrible neck, from that mousetrap in which they have put us and in which they are dying.” “This cruel and excessive collective punishment must end now. “This loss of human life, this loss of children’s lives has to end now.”

Furthermore, the anesthetist has taken the opportunity to ensure that he is safe and resting in a safe place: “We tell you that we are fine, we are resting in a safe place and that we will soon fly home. But just as our bodies are here and soon they will be at home, our hearts, our minds and our soul have remained with our companionswith the Palestinians, in that inhuman cage that the Gaza Strip has become.

In a video shared by the international medical organization, the anesthetist stated that the daily life of the members of Doctors Without Borders now in Gaza is not knowing if a bomb is going to fall on them or not.

“Palestinians are underfedthey are thirsty and they are suffering from infectious diseases because of the hygienic conditions.

In addition, he warns that “more than half of the hospitals are inoperative” and that there is no fuel, no sedative drugs, or surgical material left: “Patients have been disconnected from mechanical ventilation. The incubators are in danger.”

The anesthetist asks that the border authorities allow the entry of more trucks with humanitarian aid and that anyone who wishes, foreigners, personnel and Palestinians, be allowed to leave the Strip.

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