Israel points out that the bombed ambulances were used by Hamas to transport terrorists

Israel has confirmed the airstrike on a Gaza ambulance and alleges that the vehicle was one of those used by Hamas for transfers. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have reported that they have carried out an airstrike against an ambulance in the northern Gaza Strip, “which was identified by forces as being used by a Hamas terrorist cell“.

An IDF spokesman said “several” Hamas fighters were killed in the attack. “We have information that shows that Hamas’ method of operation consists of transporting terrorist agents and weapons in ambulances,” he details.

They have not shown concrete evidence of their suggestion that the ambulance was linked to Hamas, but they add that they will publish another with additional information. “We remember that this area is a battle zone. Civilians in the area are repeatedly asked to evacuate to the south for their own safety,” they conclude.

The Gaza Health Ministry, controlled by the Islamist group Hamas, had previously reported that 13 people were killed and 26 injured in an attack of Israeli aviation against a series of ambulances leaving from the Shifa hospital in Gaza City.

They have indicated that they had notified the Red Crescent and the international community that they were going to transfer the wounded to the south and then take them to Egypt, “the occupation forces committed this crime“.

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