Israel accuses South Africa of presenting a “distorted” legal image to the International Court of Justice

Israel has accused South Africa of presenting to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) a “deeply distorted factual and legal picture” of the reality of its war in Gaza, which it defined as a response “to the largest calculated mass murder of Jews in a day since the Holocaust”, the attack by the Islamist group Hamas on October 7.

During a hearing this Friday at the ICJ, Israel’s agent, Tal Becker, assured that The “totality” of the case presented by South Africa “depends on a manipulative, decontextualized and deliberately compiled description of the reality of current hostilities” in Gazawhere the Israeli offensive has claimed the lives of more than 23,300 civilians.

Becker warned that “if there have been acts that can be described as genocidal then they have been perpetrated against Israel,” a statement that came accompanied by photographs of the hostages taken by Hamas, as well as images of the attack on Israel, defined as “the largest mass murder calculated in a single day since the Holocaust.

The Israeli Government intervenes this Friday before the International Court of Justice in The Hague to defend itself against the accusations of South Africa, which yesterday requested provisional measures against Israel for “violating” the Convention against Genocide with its “conduct” in the Gaza Strip.

He considers South Africa’s request astonishing

The Israeli legal team has also described as “astonishing” South Africa’s request to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to impose precautionary measures on Israel that include the “immediate suspension of military activities” in Gaza and assured that this would leave ” the other side” of the conflict “free to continue their attacks.

Lawyer Christopher Staker considered that “this request is, honestly, astonishing” and explained that “a State that is not a party to the conflict presents a request for precautionary measures that require the unilateral suspension of military operations by a single party.” party to the conflict, leaving the other party free to continue attacks.

Furthermore, he has warned that “the image that South Africa showed yesterday about the war in Gaza consists of “several individual incidents” that “are not evidence of the intention of the entire military operation as a whole”, rejecting the accusation of “genocide” presented yesterday by the South African team.

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