Hamburg Police arrest man who burst into the airport armed with his daughter as a hostage

The Hamburg Police has arrested the man who broke into the building armed airport of the city of Hamburg and has managed to free, after hours of negotiations, to his four year old daughterwhich he took as hostage in what points to a child custody dispute.

The man, allegedly 35 years old, entered the airport this Saturday crossing a barrier with your vehicle around 8:00 p.m. (local time) and arrived at Landing trackwhere he shot a couple of times with a gun and threw two Molotov cocktails.

The Hamburg Police assured several hours ago that The minor was “physically well” and what they were having “good contact with the perpetrator”. “He wants to talk to us and we initially assessed it as very positive,” emphasized a spokeswoman.

Passengers who were on the planes on the tarmac had to be evacuated and transferred to a hotel nearby in an incident that, according to the first police investigations, has ended no damage or injuries.

The airport has remained closed early in the morning for security reasons. The man’s wife, who was in Stade, near Hamburg, had previously reported a possible child abduction to the State Police.

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