Israel closes the siege on Gaza and divides the Strip in two

The Israeli Armed Forces have reported that they have completed the fence on Gaza City and they have also achieved Break in two the territory of the Gaza Strip.

Recognition forces of the Golani Brigade “have reached the coastline and “they hold their position”explained the main spokesman of the Israeli Armed Forces, Daniel Hagariaccording to the newspaper ‘The Times of Israel’ in its digital edition.

“Today there is north Gaza and south Gaza”added Hagari, who clarified that The transit of civilians will continue to be allowed from the northern part of the enclave to the south, as ordered by the Israeli military authorities themselves. Hagari explained that they continue to launch “important” attacks against “terrorist infrastructure”, “both underground and at ground level”.

The Israeli military spokesman has also shown new evidence about the use of Gaza hospitals for military purposes by the militias of Hamassuch as launching rockets from health centers.

He has shown images that would demonstrate that there is a entrance to Hamas tunnels on the land on which the Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Zani Hospitalin the north of Gaza City, and how The militants have fired from the hospital at Israeli ground forces that were nearby.

“Today we will also publish evidence that the Indonesian Hospital is being used by Hamas to hide an underground command and control center”, he pointed out. Hagari has thus shown an image in which a rocket launcher is supposed to be seen located just 80 meters from the health center.

In addition, Hagari has denounced that Hamas militiamen attacked Israeli forces with anti-tank missiles this Saturday who were trying to create a humanitarian corridor. “I want to be clear. “The Israel Defense Forces have adjusted their ground operations so that the north-south corridors remain open, but Hamas is attacking our forces.”has explained.

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