An Israeli attack on the Al Magazi refugee camp leaves more than 30 dead, according to Hamas

The Gaza Health Ministry, controlled by Hamas, assures that more than 30 people have died for an Israeli attack against the Al Magazi refugee camp that took place this morning.

In a brief statement, this organization added that 42 people were injured and indicated that the majority are children and women who were transferred to the “Shuhadá al Aqsa” hospital.

On the other hand, he also announced the death of two 22-year-old Palestinians in the West Bank shot by Israeli soldiersone in the town of Abu Dis and another in Nuba.

Since October 7, when Hamas carried out an attack that left more than 1,400 dead (mostly civilians), 5,400 injured and at least 241 kidnapped in Gaza and Israel reacted by declaring war on the Islamist group and the number of Palestinian deaths continues to increase.

After a first offensive of incessant bombings against the enclave, a week ago, Israel launched a land raid that advanced to Gaza Citythe main city of the Strip.

9,500 Palestinian deaths since the Isarel offensive began

Israel’s military offensive on the Palestinian enclave has left almost 9,500 dead (mostly children and women), more than 24,000 injured and some 1.5 million displaced, who suffer extremely difficult living conditions due to the collapse of hospitals and the serious shortage of drinking water, food, medicine, electricity and fuel.

For its part, the occupied West Bank is experiencing its greatest spiral of violence since the Second Intifada (2000-05) and this 2023 More than 350 Palestinians have already died, almost 150 of them in violent events with Israel since the outbreak of the war. The majority are militiamen killed in armed clashes with Israeli troops and attackers, but also civilians, including more than 80 minors and a dozen elderly people.

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