21 Israeli soldiers die in the deadliest incident for its troops in the war in Gaza

At least 21 soldiers died Monday afternoon after two buildings containing explosives collapsed on them in the center of the city. Gaza Stripwhich constitutes the deadliest event for Israeli troops since the beginning of the ground offensive in the enclave, on October 27.

“As far as we know, around four in the afternoon the terrorists fired an RPG at a tank that was protecting the forces and at the same time there was an explosion. explosion in two two-story buildings“, announced this Tuesday the Army spokesman, Daniel Hagari, who confirmed to the Hebrew media that an investigation is being carried out to determine whether the explosion was the result of mines placed by the troops themselves.

The incident occurred in center of the Strip, near the border community of Kissufimwhere the Army announced that troops were destroying Hamas Islamist structures in order to create a security perimeter that would “allow residents of Israeli border communities to return to their homes.”

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