At least 4 dead in a massive Russian attack this morning against Ukraine

At least four people were killed in a massive attack with missiles launched by Russia this morning, according to Ukrainian authorities.

“As a result of the missile attack on kyiv we already have evidence of the death of one woman and four injuries,” he wrote. Sergui Popkohead of the kyiv Military Administration, where Russian missiles have also caused damage to several residential areas.

Impact of Russian projectiles

In another of the cities attackedthe city of Kharkiv From the northeast of the country, two other women have died from the impact of Russian projectiles, as reported by the local Military Administration.

The fourth fatality known so far has lost his life in the town of Pavlogradin the Dnipropetrovsk oblast of central Ukraine, where Russian missiles have also fallen.

Pending the official account of the Ukrainian military authorities on the attack, television channels Telegram Ukrainians reported in the early hours of Tuesday several waves of missile launches over several regions in northeastern, northern, central and western Ukraine.

The US celebrates the new military package that Poland will deliver to Ukraine

The deputy spokesperson for the United States Department of State, Vedant Patelhas celebrated the new military package that Poland will deliver to Ukraine and has taken the opportunity to reiterate the call of the White House to the Congress American to approve more funds for kyiv, which could lose the war “in a matter of weeks or months” without it.

“Of course, we welcome our Polish allies taking action, and indeed any country taking action that is feasible within their systems, to continue supporting our Ukrainian partners. Regarding USA“It is imperative that Congress act as quickly as possible,” Patel said during a press conference.

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