With love for business. The best nurses will be determined in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug

A professional skills competition among nurses was held in the region. 9 people took part in the first stage of the competition, four contestants advanced to the second stage

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Competitive tests of the second stage were held today at the “Medical and Social Care” workshop at the Naryan-Mar Social and Humanitarian College. The choice of place is symbolic – the college has been training students in the specialty “Nursing” for more than 20 years.

— Our nurses work in the Nenets District Hospital and other medical institutions in the region. In 2023, we graduated nurses who have already found employment in their profession. The subjects are taught by people who clearly know their business – qualified college teachers, doctors and nurses,” said Marina Borovinskikh, head of the “Medical and Social Care” workshop.

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A professional skills competition among nurses in this format is being held in the district for the first time. The event was timed to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the Nenets District Hospital.

— A nurse is not just a profession, it is a calling. These are people serving their business. They approach their work without fail, with compassion and concern for the patient’s pain. People who entered the competition are leaders who are confident in themselves, their knowledge, skills and professionalism. Thanks to you, we know that high-quality medical care is provided by real professionals,” noted the important role of the nurse, Deputy Head of the Department of Health, Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Olga Syropyatova.

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At the first stage of the competition, 9 participants were tested; in the second round, four nurses showed their practical skills.

— At the practical stage, under the sensitive gaze of the jury, participants need to carry out an intravenous injection and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, as well as solve a situational problem. The correctness and consistency of all manipulations performed is assessed using checklists. Both young specialists and experienced trainees participate; everyone’s age is different. There were no criteria or restrictions for participation. Nurses from the children’s clinic, surgical department, intensive care unit and gynecology department reached the finals,” explained Svetlana Shepeleva, senior nurse at the children’s clinic.

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Nurse Daria Filippova has been working in the gynecological department of the Nenets District Hospital for seven years. She started working in a antenatal clinic. The girl’s total work experience is 12 years.

“I never thought that I would work in medicine, since childhood I was afraid of blood, but later I became interested in it, and I entered the Naryan-Mar Social and Humanitarian College to major in Nursing.” After I learned, I came to the Nenets District Hospital,” Daria shares with NAO24.

She fondly remembers her first years in the hospital; she admits that it was scary, but her experienced colleagues helped and supported her in everything.

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— Doctors and senior colleagues advised and helped. I got involved very quickly, I tried. And today we have a friendly and kind atmosphere in our team. If you need any help, we can always turn to each other for support,” says Daria Filippova.

The girl is sure that when choosing a future profession, it is important to focus on your own preferences, choose the direction in life that you like – then things will go well and your soul will rejoice. This is exactly what the girl herself did and now starts every working day with joy.

“When a student has a desire, he tries, works, studies, passes exams, and learns everything. In practice, you can immediately see who is happy to complete tasks. For example, I really love my job, I always go to work with pleasure. I believe that for all health workers, the hospital is their second home,” the nurse emphasizes.

Based on the results of the competition, the winner and runners-up who took the first three places will be awarded cash prizes. 30 thousand for first place, 25 thousand for second, 20 thousand for third. The names of the competition winners will be announced in a formal ceremony on October 6.

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We wrote earlier that in the professional skills competition already participated drivers of the Nenets District Hospital. The contestants competed in two categories: “Best Garage Driver” and “Best Emergency Department Driver.”

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