The project “#BeAware” will show what the role of social sciences and humanities is today

Downplaying the importance of the social sciences and humanities is a common phenomenon: many are convinced that with a humanities education it is difficult to build a decent career, benefiting society and the state

Andrey Bodrov – guest #BeAware

Project “#BeKurse” will destroy this deep-rooted stereotype by introducing Russians to young domestic scientists in the social and humanitarian fields: 10 episodes video podcasttheir audio versions, as well as educational articles will be available on the project pages (in In contact with, ZenRUTUBE, etc.)

Experts in the field of sociology, history, law, psychology, philosophy and etc. will talk about the modern appearance of the humanities, as well as will explainwhich means “to be a scientist.”

Thus, Mikhail Babaytsev, a scientist-developer in the field of “historical computer science,” told why historians are using robots now.

Mikhail Babaytsev – expert #BeKurse

Issues have already been published with answers to the questions “how is artificial intelligence being introduced into legal science?”, “What does a researcher in the field of regional development do?”, “Do businesses need PhDs?” – diversity only confirms the versatility of the social sciences and humanities.

The project is being implemented with the support of a grant from the Russian Ministry of Education and Science as part of the federal project “Popularization of Science and Technology” in view of Decades of Science and Technology (2022–2031).

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