Teams from the Nenets Autonomous Okrug performed at presidential sports games and presidential competitions

Pupils of school No. 1 and the village of Ust-Kara went to All-Russian children’s centers Krasnodar region. City schoolchildren competed in “Smena,” and rural students competed in “Orlyonok.” Both teams became winners of the regional stage, which was held by the Nord Sports Palace.

Guys from school No. 1. Photo courtesy of the heroes of the material

First of all, let’s make a distinction right away so that there is no confusion. The presidential sports games are one event (where the children from school No. 1 went), and the presidential competitions are completely different (where the honor of the district was represented by schoolchildren from Ust-Kara).

There is a difference, but the competitive principle is the same – you need to fight for victory with teams from other regions. Or, as in our case, improve your performance.

It is, of course, difficult for a small sports team from the Nenets Autonomous Okrug to compete with large entities for a number of very natural reasons – the giant schools there have a much larger choice of athletes. However, there is no point in blaming this; we must go out and fight.

Photo courtesy of the heroes of the material

The guys from school No. 1 took 61st place out of 85, improving the region’s position by 11 points compared to last year.

“This is our best result in the last few years,” teacher Maxim Tretyakov, who accompanied the children on the trip to Smena, tells Nyaryana Vynder.

And then he breaks down the team’s performance. The girls really shined: in basketball they took 6th place among 85 teams. Considering the competition, this is a very good achievement.

Photo courtesy of the heroes of the material

The guys also started strong at first – they won first place in the group and reached the 1/32 finals. There the Samarans cooled down their polar ardor. In the full sense, a tub of cold water was poured out. How else can you call the defeat of the NAO team at the last second of the match with a difference of two points? It’s a shame, it’s a shame.

– The problem is that there were many athletics events. It’s difficult for us to prepare for them – the stadium is under renovation. Plus, orienteering is generally not our strong point, but we still performed well,” says Maxim Tretyakov. – There were 12 people in the team. In addition to competitions, the guys took part in cultural and leisure events, seminars, educational programs, and spent time usefully.

Young athletes from Ust-Kara. Photo courtesy of the heroes of the material

The guys from Ust-Kara were also very impressed. It’s no joke, this is the first time we’ve left a distant Arctic village for a presidential competition. We didn’t take a high place, but we gained invaluable experience. They took theory tests, competed in running, standing jumps and other athletics tests.

“The guys’ eyes lit up and they had an incentive to train. When the time came to leave, they were even upset,” says Tatyana Yarmushkina, a teacher at a school in the village of Ust-Kara. – We took Nenets costumes with us, they looked decent compared to other regions. Of course, it was hard for us to compete with them, but we tried. As they say, there is something to strive for.

Photo courtesy of the heroes of the material

It should be noted that the trip was financed by the RUSVIETPETRO company within the framework of a cooperation agreement between the administration of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug and LLC SK RUSVIETPETRO.

The events are implemented thanks to the federal project “Sport is the norm of life” of the national project “Demography”.

Photo courtesy of the heroes of the material

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