Shoine is planning to start filming a big-budget feature film next summer.

Entrepreneur Fyodor Shirokiy spoke about this at the presentation of the tourism and gastronomic potential of rural settlements in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

Photo: Victor Kulikov

The main objective of the last round table, which was organized by the Arctic Tourism Center and the “My Business” Center of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, was the presentation of the tourism opportunities of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. For this purpose, we invited speakers who are already working on developing the destination and increasing the attractiveness of the region to increase the number of tourists. These are entrepreneurs and members of the public.

The first speaker was an individual entrepreneur from Shoina, Fedor Shiroky. Formerly a young man won a grant to build a guest house in the village.

Photo: Fedor Shiroky

“This is my family,” Fyodor Shiroky shows the audience a photograph taken against the background of sandboards (editor’s note – a board designed for riding on sand dunes). – These are my children. One sandboard was sent to me from America, and these new ones, 6 black ones, arrived from Chile.

Photo: Fedor Shiroky

According to the entrepreneur, sandboarding can become one of Shoina’s main calling cards.

— Sandboarding is probably the quintessence of our tour. Everyone likes him. A tourist came to me and shared that the coach at the ski resort told me about Shoina, that they ride on sand here. This is pleasant, it means that our work is not in vain,” Fedor noted.

According to the speaker, the wave of popularity of sandboarding across the country came from Shoina. And you need to cling to this.

Fyodor Shiroky also shared that next summer they plan to shoot a high-budget feature film in Shoina.

— I can’t disclose all the information yet, I have obligations to people, but I can say that the title of the film is symbolic – “Space Falls Asleep.” The story will be told of a young man who studied in St. Petersburg, but is forced to return to Shoina to help his parents, and finds his love there. This is not melodrama, this is drama. “As the director said, you can laugh and cry there,” Fyodor Shiroky concluded his speech.

Photo: Alexandra Berg/

Individual entrepreneur Yulia Baramokhina spoke about tourism opportunities and gastronomy in the village of Indiga.

— Gastronomic tourism is gaining popularity. We have developed a wonderful tour called “Tastes of the Tundra”. The highlight of the tour is traditional Nenets cuisine and traditional Pomeranian cuisine. We not only provide delicious food and show how these dishes are prepared, but also talk about the culture of the Nenets people. This is exactly what the family (clan) community in Indiga does. Representatives of the community became part of the tour,” said Yulia Baramokhina.

Photo: Alexandra Berg/

As the entrepreneur said, as of July 2024, almost all tours have already been purchased. Arctic tourism in Indiga, according to her, is gaining momentum.

Other entrepreneurs also spoke about the tourism opportunities of the district: Andrey Shurukhin presented a tour around Amderma, Yulia Denisova spoke about the tourism project in Nizhnepechorye, Valery Gudyrev about tourism in the Naryan-Mar region, and Yuri Tyulubaev spoke about expeditions, fishing and hunting in the region. Elena Eliseeva, an employee of the museum association of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, spoke about the possibilities of Pustozersk as a place for the development of tourism, and the head of the department of environmental education and tourism of the Nenetsky Nature Reserve, Yulia Leonova, introduced the tourist routes of the Nenetsky Nature Reserve.

“People who are connected with tourism both from the organization, promotion, and education side have gathered here. Thanks to everyone involved in the development of tourism in the district. In hard-to-reach regions, including the North, it is difficult to engage in this area. Tourists need to be offered logistics, comfort, all conditions. What you do is worthy of respect. Congratulations to everyone on Tourism Day, I wish you success in attracting tourists! — said Deputy Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Sergei Mikhailov.

Photo: Alexandra Berg/

The event was the final one in a series of events as part of the Tundra gastronomic festival.

— This year, for holding the events of the Tundra gastronomic festival, we received serious support from the Administration of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the companies LUKOIL and RUSVIETPETRO, and also attracted a grant from the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives. As part of the festival, we held a whole range of events. This is a conference and round table on creative industries and innovations, four master dinners from Moscow restaurants of Scandinavian and Japanese cuisine, a gastronomic event on the square. IN AND. Lenin, dedicated to the culture of the nomads of Russia, a competition for culinary students with restaurateurs from Arkhangelsk and a presentation of the tourism and gastronomic potential of rural settlements of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, which closed a series of events of the Tundra gastronomic festival,” said Elena Ermolina, head of the Tundra Gastronomic Festival project.

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