Russians are more likely to watch detective and historical series

The sociological agency Weber analyzed media consumption and found out how the habits and preferences of Russians have transformed, which TV series have become the most mentioned and popular

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34% of Russians watch both domestic and foreign projects, while 18% of respondents watch exclusively domestic ones. According to the results of the study, a third of respondents watch both Russian and foreign serial films. At the same time, foreign cinema is most in demand among young people, and Russian cinema is most in demand among the older generation. It is worth noting that only 16% expressed interest in Turkish TV series, among whom women and Russians over 50 are most often found.

When talking about their favorite TV series, respondents most often recalled Russian ones: “Trace,” “Cop Wars,” “17 Moments of Spring.” But the American “Game of Thrones” was only in fourth place in the top answers.

Weber also studied Russians’ preferences for TV series genres. The most popular were: detective – 43%, historical – 33%, comedy (in general) – 27%, melodrama – 26%, military – 23%, fantasy – 22%, crime – 20%.

Women often prefer detective stories, melodramas, historical and romantic comedies. And the majority of men singled out detectives, historical, military, fantasy, science fiction and comedies. In addition, respondents named the genres that are performed best in Russia. The top included detectives, military, and historical ones. But the rating of the worst was headed by horror, fantasy and mysticism.

Information: “Weber” is a project of ANO “Dialogue” and ANO “Dialogue Regions” for public opinion research using modern online tools. We combine a classical approach with digital technologies, and put people with their unique views and contradictions as a priority.

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