Residents of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug began to enroll children in clubs or sections through the pages of educational institutions on VKontakte

Since the beginning of September, 9.5 thousand Russians have sent applications to enroll their child in a circle or section

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The official pages of schools and kindergartens on VKontakte began to post a mini-application for enrolling a child in a circle or section, integrated with State Services. The widget appeared in 45 thousand public pages of schools and kindergartens throughout Russia. The service allows users to select an extracurricular activity for a student from a mobile device in a convenient and quick format.

“Dialogue”, the coordinator of the project for the development of state publics and the parent organization of the Regional Management Centers, is responsible for the implementation of services at the subject level. Deputy General Director of the Dialogue Regions ANO Andrey Tsepelev spoke about the benefits of widgets on the pages of educational institutions.

— Today, a lot of attention at the state level is paid to ensuring that people receive services or information useful to them on convenient platforms. The ability to register a child for additional classes on social networks is one of the steps towards building an ecosystem of care for a person and his family. The mini-application contains all the relevant information on sections and clubs – there is no need to monitor the websites of institutions and call with clarifications. State publications allow not only to improve the quality of dialogue between the state and citizens, but also to make children’s creativity and sports more accessible,” noted Andrei Tsepelev.

The mechanics of the mini-application make it possible to enroll a child in a class or section in a few clicks from a mobile device. The service presents available programs: for example, athletics, dancing, swimming lessons, computer modeling, age groups and class schedules.

— VKontakte, as the most popular social network in Russia, has high social responsibility. Such projects make it possible to justify the user’s trust and create for him a platform that would help him or his children to realize themselves, including in the offline space. We see a high response from users in widgets for signing up for clubs and hope to help supplement the official pages of institutions with new useful services,” said Rustam Khaibullov, vice president for strategic projects at VK.

In the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, 43 institutions have already installed the new service – this is 91% of the total number of schools and kindergartens. Work to connect state public authorities to the project continues. As the acting head of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Evgeniy Solovyov notes, state public pages are a good platform for communication with citizens. Our task is to ensure that the official pages of institutions are useful for residents of the region. By going to the page of a particular institution, you can get up-to-date, reliable information. And now, thanks to a new service for enrolling a child in a club, you can also find a suitable club or section for your children in a few clicks. Now you don’t have to switch from site to site, everything is concentrated in one place.

To receive the service, you need to click on the “Register in a circle” button, go to the “State Services” application, log into your account and select the classes you are interested in – the system automatically returns the user to the VKontakte social network, where he confirms the registration. On average, the application process takes less than a minute.

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