Information about 15 debtors in Naryan-Mar for utilities will be sent to the National Bureau of Credit History

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How reports press service of the Naryan-Mar administration, posting this information is negative information. It can be taken into account when providing banking services, insurance services, employment and other life situations.

To date, information has been posted about 15 debtors for utility services living in apartment buildings at the following addresses:

• st. Lenina, 38;

• st. Menshikova, 20;

• per. Alder, 2;

• st. Zavodskaya, 11;

• st. Sushchinsky, 4;

• st. Shvetsova, 3;

• st. Menshikova, 11;

• st. Aviators, 22;

• st. Rabochaya, 33;

• st. Stroitelnaya, 9 B;

• st. Rabochaya, 41.

In order to eliminate such adverse consequences, the enterprise once again appeals to persons who have debt for utility resources to take measures to repay the debt.

“If it is impossible to repay the debt, the company offers to consider the possibility of arranging an installment plan and discuss other options for getting out of the current situation,” the mayor’s office explained.

All information on the issue of installment plans can be obtained by calling:

• 8 (81853) 4-29-20 – legal department;

• 8 (81853) 4-53-11 – Deputy Director for General Issues.

Personal reception of citizens: Monday to Friday, from 8.00 to 12.00 and from 13.00 to 17.00. The Deputy Director for General Affairs or legal department specialists will answer your questions.

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