In Naryan-Mar, drivers of the Nenets District Hospital took part in a professional skills competition

The contestants competed in two categories – “Best Garage Driver” and “Best Emergency Department Driver”

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Ambulance driver Stanislav Samokhvalov competes with his colleagues today. He says that experience can help – the man has been behind the wheel for almost 20 years.

“An ambulance driver must be able to drive fast, know shortcuts and have a good knowledge of the topography of the city,” said Stanislav Samokhvalov.

Photo: Alexandra Berg/

He added that one of the most important skills of an ambulance driver is the ability to maneuver in tight spaces. For example, difficulties often arise in the courtyards at Olennaya, 8 and Olennaya, 10, where passage is often blocked by parked cars.

This can be confirmed by Stanislav’s rival in the competition and partner the rest of the time, Pyotr Korepanov. His driving experience exceeds 17 years.

“In general, there are no significant difficulties in the profession – we’re used to everything,” said ambulance driver Pyotr Korepanov. — We like the competition, we compete with each other. I made one mistake in the first part of the competition. Now we are training, remembering how to drive “loaves”, we ourselves drive larger and newer cars. Everyone was put in the same conditions, I think it’s more correct.

Photo: Alexandra Berg/

The competition is held in two stages: the first stage included knowledge of the Traffic Rules, the second stage consisted of a practical part – on the site, drivers in a company car performed competition tasks.

— The profession of a driver in a hospital is very important. Drivers always come to the aid of those who need it, and they are also responsible for the safety of transporting patients,” said Pyotr Ludnikov, deputy head of the Department of Health, Labor and Social Protection of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

Photo: Alexandra Berg/

A total of 19 people took part in the first stage, and 10 contestants advanced to the second stage.

As the deputy head of the relevant department noted, this competition is planned to be made annual.

Based on the results of the competition, the winner and runners-up who took the first three places will be awarded certificates and cash incentives. The names of the competition winners will be announced on October 6.

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