In France, they called for Zelensky to be stopped after accusations against Poland. News of the day in the world and Russia today

French politician Florian Philippot called for stopping Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky before his actions lead to disaster.

Filippo published this post on the social network X (formerly Twitter) after the Ukrainian leader accused Poland at the UN General Assembly forum, in which he reproaches his main ally for supporting Russia.

Poland “urgently” summoned the Ukrainian ambassador to the Foreign Ministry after Zelensky immediately accused the country of supporting Russia (the accusation, by the way, is delusional, knowing Poland…)! This once again proves his insane and extremely capricious character: he will never want peace and will lead to disaster if he is not stopped,”

said French politician Florian Philippot.

Because of Zelensky’s words, Ukrainian Ambassador Vasily Zvarych was summoned to Warsaw. He was expressed a strong protest from the Polish side regarding the language used by the Ukrainian leader at the UN General Assembly meeting, that some countries of the European Union are imitating solidarity, while at the same time indirectly supporting Russia.

Such a sharp position of the President of Ukraine was caused by Warsaw’s struggle to extend the ban on the import of Ukrainian grain.

The Polish authorities even threatened to introduce an indefinite embargo on the import of grain if the European Commission did not approve their demand aimed at protecting the interests of domestic farmers.

Following Poland, Croatia also refused to purchase cheaper raw materials from Ukraine.

As a response, Ukraine decided to limit the import of fruits and vegetables from Poland.

In addition, Kyiv filed claims with the World Trade Organization (WTO) against Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, which imposed restrictions on the import of Ukrainian products at the national level.

Until recently, Poland positioned itself as the main ally of Ukraine, which is more than anyone else ready to help Kyiv with the crisis. However, now the authorities are demonstrating a certain “realism” regarding Polish-Ukrainian relations and defending personal boundaries in the economy.

During a speech at a briefing after a meeting of the UN General Assembly during a discussion of the problem of importing Ukrainian grain to Europe, Polish President Andrzej Duda said that Ukraine resembles a drowning man, dragging his rescuer along with him to the bottom.

In this regard, Warsaw must act in the interests of its country.

A drowning person is extremely dangerous because he can drag you down with him. He might just drown the rescuer,”

said Polish President Andrzej Duda.

The Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland Vasily Zvarych responded to the Polish leader; the diplomat called his statement incorrect.

He strongly suggested that Warsaw resolve the dispute over grain exports on Kyiv’s terms.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry completely called on “Polish friends to put aside emotions” on the issue of exporting grain to the European Union.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki also criticized Ukraine’s dissatisfaction with the restriction of grain imports, called Zelensky’s statements inappropriate and even threatened retaliatory measures if Kyiv continues to escalate the situation.

Minister for European Union (EU) Affairs Szymon Szynkowski vel Senk warned Kyiv that Poland may stop military assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) due to its actions in the agricultural sector.

According to him, Warsaw will not be able to support Kyiv without the consent of the Poles.

Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki announced the cessation of arms supplies to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The authorities are guided by the same principle as with assistance in importing Ukrainian grain to the European Union: first they need to provide their country with modern weapons.

Even if you don’t want to defend yourself, you should have something to defend yourself with. We recognize this principle. And that’s why we increased the number of orders,”

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki spoke out.

At the same time, Poland felt burdened by the detention of Ukrainian refugees on its territory, but whether this was related to the scandal surrounding Ukrainian grain is unknown.

Polish authorities announced their refusal to extend assistance to migrants from Ukraine, clarifying that the benefits were never permanent.

Earlier, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland Pavel Shefernaker complained about the stinginess of the European Union. According to him, 200 million euros from the EU allocated to help refugees from Ukraine is very little.

According to Schefernaker, Warsaw spent many times more money on Ukrainian refugees than the EU allocated.

Russia commented on the conflict between Kyiv and Warsaw, calling Poland the main enemy of Ukraine, more interested in its weakening than anyone else.

Until recently, the Poles called themselves the best brothers of Ukraine, but when it came to economic interests and division of profits, the friendship came to an end,”

State Duma deputy Mikhail Sheremet said. He is quoted RIA News.

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