I hoped for a safe account. A pensioner from the Nenets Autonomous Okrug transferred 31 thousand rubles to scammers

Regional Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Nenets Autonomous Okrug warns: In the district, cases of fraud using the “call from a bank security officer” scheme have become more frequent

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A 79-year-old pensioner contacted the duty department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on October 2. The woman said that last week the woman received a call from an unknown person who introduced himself as a bank security officer.

The caller reported that someone was trying to withdraw all the northern woman’s savings from her account. To save money, it was strongly recommended to transfer savings to a supposedly protected check.

The woman believed the attacker and transferred 31 thousand rubles to the details he provided. Only after a while did she realize that she had been deceived.

– It is important to remember that any such call is the work of scammers. All Questions related to your finances must be resolved only by calling the technical support service, which is located on the back of any bank card. It is free and 24 hours a day. All operations related to real in cash It’s better to do it at a bank branch. If illegal acts have been committed against you or your loved ones, immediately report the incident to the police by calling 4-21-26 or 102, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reminded.

Typically, attackers use number spoofing technology to deceive. How it works and what to do to make sure the call is authentic, NAO24 was told Here.

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