Honored Artist of Russia Sergei Volchkov met with students of the Children’s Art School of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug

The event took place in the assembly hall of the Children’s Art School

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As part of the “Class Meetings” project, the winner of the “Voice” show met with students and teachers of the Children’s Art School. Sergei Volchkov spoke about his creative path, life before and after the project.

The singer was born in the small (in size of Naryan-Mar) town of Bykhov in Belarus. Graduated from music school, piano class. After school he entered the Mogilev State Music College named after. Rimsky-Korsakov, and then to the Faculty of Musical Theater at GITIS – I wanted more. There was a meeting that Sergei Volchkov still remembers with trepidation.

Photo: Ekaterina Ester/

— I got to study in a group with Tamara Ilyinichna Sinyavskaya, an opera diva, the widow of Muslim Magomayev. Unfortunately, I didn’t study with her for long—I resembled my husband. In addition, it was difficult for me to engage with the work of Muslim Magomayev,” says the artist.

In 2013, the singer tried his hand at the television project “The Voice” on Channel One. During the blind auditions, Alexander Borisovich Gradsky was the first to turn.

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— I applied for the first time in 2012, but it didn’t go through. Three times I failed to submit my entry to the show. In 2013, I decided to participate again, but again my application was not accepted. I thought it was not fate. But then I saw that it was written in small letters that the audio recording should not exceed more than two megabytes, and I sent more. As a result, I became a participant in the second season and won,” shares Sergei Volchkov.

After participating in the show, the singer’s life changed dramatically; he had the opportunity to meet great musicians: Alexandra Pakhmutova, Joseph Kobzon.

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— The most interesting thing is that on December 27 I won the show, and on January 3 I became a father for the first time. Now I have two daughters,” the artist added with a smile.

Sergei Volchkov is sure that you should go to any competition not for victories, but for sensations. He gives advice to young musicians: the main thing is to be sincere.

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— It is important to show yourself, your skills. When a person goes for victory, there is only competitiveness in him. And when you go to show your skills, this is sincerity. It doesn’t matter what notes you play or how they sound when you play them, what matters is how you do them. For example, during exams you need to play the notes as correctly as possible, but on stage you need to be yourself, advises the honored artist.

Please note, this is our second visit. Sergei Volchkov to the region. The singer came to Naryan-Mar at the invitation of the Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Yuri Bezdudny.

Photo: Ekaterina Ester/

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