“Everything went at the highest level.” Volunteers of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug returned from the All-Russian Forum of “Silver” Volunteers

The VII All-Russian Forum of “Silver” Volunteers was held from September 29 to October 2 in Moscow. The event brought together more than 500 participants from 85 regions aged 55 years and older

Photo courtesy of Tatyana Zhdanova

The Nenets Autonomous Okrug was represented at the forum by the head of the “Silver” volunteers club “Northern Dawns” Tatyana Zhdanova, volunteers Vera Drozdova and Margarita Popova.

Participants were treated to an educational program, joint work on sites and cultural events.

— Such events are definitely needed; they are not only an exchange of experience and opinions, but also culture. In addition, an opportunity to talk about our region. We learned from each other, did auto training, and attended master classes. There was also gymnastics, and to avoid boredom, we organized a concert program ourselves. All the volunteers are so welcoming, it’s worth a lot. And the forum itself was simply wonderful, everything went at the highest level,” Tatyana Zhdanova shares her emotions.

Photo courtesy of Tatyana Zhdanova

Tatyana Nikolaevna retired at the age of 65, and then began to engage in volunteer activities. For six and a half years she led the Velvet Season club at the Red Cross, in 2019 she took courses and founded her own club of “silver” volunteers, “Northern Dawns”.

— I created the club in 2019 and immediately fifteen people from the “Velvet Season” club joined me in volunteer work. During this time, no one dropped out, 4 more people came. We mainly provide targeted assistance at home. Now we have switched to public work in the city, we are participating in organizing events. I would like to note that in any work we are always supported by the resource center, district and city administrations,” Tatyana Zhdanova told NAO24.

Throughout the forum, volunteers from different parts of Russia actively exchanged experiences, made acquaintances, raised important issues and made proposals for the effective development of “silver” volunteerism.

Photo courtesy of Tatyana Zhdanova

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