Artists from Yamal came to Naryan-Mar for the festival of Nenets culture “Sava syo”

The holiday “Sava syo” (“Wonderful Melody”) will be held in Naryan-Mar from October 12 to 14

Photo: ECC NAO

Artists from Yamal land will perform at the Gala concert competition of Nenets song performers, which will take place on October 14 at 15:00. About it reported on the page of the Ethnocultural Center VKontakte.

– Imagine our joy when we saw that our guests arrived in folk costumes. We warmly greeted them at the airport, and after checking into the hotel, the travelers went on a city tour, which Victoria Bobrova conducted for them, for which we thank her very much. Preparations for the main part of the holiday are in full swing, rehearsals are underway, noted the ECC of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

Photo: ECC NAO

A specialist in the folklore of the Nenets people of the Priural centralized club system, Antonida Smetanina from Askark, will present her work. Performer of traditional Nenets songs Tamara Kuibina will demonstrate fragments of authentic epic Nenets songs at the “Sava syo” song competition.

At the site of the interactive program, a family of sedentary reindeer herders of the Yamal tundra, performers of ancient Nenets songs Marta and Piku Lamdo will hold a master show on the rituals and customs of the Nenets people.

Photo: ECC NAO

Also at the Gala concert the folklore ensemble “Marauga” (“Cloudberries”) from Yar-Sale will perform.

Let us remember that within Regional holiday of Nenets culture Residents will enjoy a rich interactive program “The Camp of the Seven Plagues”, where everyone can take part in thematic master classes, an exhibition of family heirlooms of the participants of the “Mel Ne” club, a quest “In the footsteps of Yasavey”, a creative meeting with writers of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug who write in the Nenets language . Residents will also be shown the play “The Tradition of the Tundra” by the Ilebts Nenets People’s Theater.

Photo: ECC NAO

Tomorrow at the Quantorium technology park will pass presentation of the documentary film “Yamb to’ nu” (“Children of the Long Lake”).

A more detailed program can be found at link.

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