When is the second round of the elections in Argentina: can Milei still win?

Argentina held the general elections this weekend, which have left a uncertain outcome and very polarized. The elections have ended with a very close result between the Peronist Sergio Massa and the current Minister of Economy, Javier Milei.

In the Argentine Constitution it is established that to win the first round of the elections, 45% of the votes must be reached and if none of the candidates reaches that percentage, the final result of the elections will be will be resolved in the second round between the two most voted candidates.

And although Milei era the favorite in the polls, has come second with a 30% of the votes, in the face of Massa’s unexpected victory, with a 36.6% of the votes. Both with a completely antagonistic program. That is, Argentines will have to choose between the Peronism of Massa or the ultraliberal rupturism of Milei.

When is the second round of the elections?

According to article 148 of the National Electoral Code of Argentina, the call for the second round must be held within two monthss before the term of the current president and vice president ends. This means that Argentines will have to vote again next Sunday, November 19.

Can Javier Milei win?

Yes, both Javier Milei and Sergio Massa have a chance to be elected as the new president of Argentina after the second round, since citizens will only be able to choose between these two candidates.

However, nothing is clear, since, as explained by Fernando González, director of ‘El Observador’, during an interview in ‘Más de uno’ with Carlos Alsina, the voters of Together for Change, a group headed by Patricia Bullrich , “He is not going to vote linearly for Milei” solely because they are right-wing.

“Those who voted within the Coalition Together for Change to the Radicalsor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, They can well vote for Massa”Fernando commented.

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