The UN warns that many of Gaza’s hospitals are “on the brink of collapse”

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has warned that a good part of the hospitals in the Gaza Strip are “at the edge of collapse”due to the lack of electricity, medicines, equipment and peoplel.

Among the affected health centers is the main one in Gaza, the Shifa Hospital, that according to the UN, since the conflict began on October 7, They serve about 5,000 patientswhen its theoretical capacity is 700. Likewise, we must add the 45,000 displaced inmates sheltering in the facilities.

A large number of patients are treated on the floor, as there are not enough beds

The humanitarian agency indicates that Shifa a “A large number of patients are treated on the floor, as there are not enough beds.”

Likewise, they warn that the 17 hospitals in the north of the Gaza Strip, the area that Israel has advised to evacuate, continue to operate for the risk that many patients would run if they were transferred.

Fuel left for three days

The UN maintains that the situation is extremely serious because there is only fuel for the next three daysnecessary to feed for example hospitals or water desalination plants.

16 health workers have died

Furthermore, since the beginning of the conflict, 16 health workers have lost their livesas well as 29 employees of the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), the main humanitarian aid body that can still work in Gaza.

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