What events can residents of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug attend using the Pushkin Card?

In October, residents of the region have opportunity to visit three events at the Arktika Palace of Culture, and also purchase movie tickets using the Pushkin Card

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We share detailed information about visiting cultural events using the Pushkin Card.

There is a photo exhibition in the exhibition hall of the Arktika Palace of Culture “Russian Arctic”.

As we wrote earlier, the exhibition was organized jointly with the Naryan-Mar diocese. It reflects the stages of implementation of the patriarchal project “Russian Arctic”, aimed at the sanctification and spiritual revival of the Russian north. The exhibition can be visited until October 30.

On October 21 at 5 p.m. there will be a humorous performance “The island is 5 years old!”. The theatrical performance will be held in honor of the first anniversary of the studio, where viewers will see excerpts from the best productions. Viewers will be treated to a rich kaleidoscope of plots, actors and costumes.

Using the Pushkin Card you can purchase tickets to a comedy performance “Love and pigeons”, which will take place on October 20 at 19:00. The inimitable Alla Dovlatova in an ensemble with actors from Moscow theaters will present a production based on the play by Vladimir Gurkin.

Also, using the Pushkin Card, the youth of the district can go to the Arktika cinema. From October 12 to October 18, there are four films available for viewing as part of the program:

Midshipmen 1787. Peace. Despite the Manifesto of the Russian Empress Catherine and the Kuchuk-Kaynajir Peace Treaty, which forever united Crimea with Russia, Europe continues to weave intrigues, trying to break this sacred union. Catherine entrusts her loyal friends, the midshipmen, with cutting the knot of the conspiracy. Together with their fathers, their grown-up children, Shurka and Alexandra, go into battle, and their first love flares up between them.

Ivan Semenov. Big hike. According to the plot of the film, Ivan Semyonov’s life is in trouble. His school love, Tanechka, is leaving to study abroad. Ivan, trying to stop her departure, resorts to all possible tricks: bribing her parents, proposing marriage, and even kidnapping. But as a result, he achieves only one thing – he is forbidden to approach Tanya. And now only a miracle will help Ivan stop the move of his beloved. And this miracle is a Shaman who fulfills any desire.

Test by Aul. The film depicts a conflict between fathers and sons. 11-year-old wayward city teenager Timur is not interested in anything except social networks and a video blog. The father does not like his son’s hobby. And Timur is sure that dad is too strict with him. In order for his father to lag behind his upbringing once and for all, Timur makes a bet with him that he will live for a month in his grandfather’s village, where his father was born and raised.

Lord of the wind. The famous Russian traveler Fyodor Konyukhov, who has conquered the earth’s poles, oceans and highest peaks, sets off on his new, most dangerous journey. He will have to circumnavigate the Earth in a hot air balloon all alone.

Let us remind you that in 2023, 5 thousand rubles were again added to the balance of the Pushkin Card. Of these, 2 thousand can be spent on watching domestic films. Previously we wrotehow to get the “Pushkin Card”.

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