This is how one of the kibbutz attacked by Hamas where the Spaniard Iván Illamarramendi worked was left

On the occasion of the Pedro Sánchez’s tour of Israel, Palestine and Egypta team from Onda Cero has toured, together with the Belgian president and prime minister, Alexander de Croo, one of the kibbutz attacked by Hamas on October 7.

The Hamas attack in this place caused the death of 85 people, while another 30 were captured as hostages. The Israeli authorities themselves tell international leaders who travel to the country to check the effects of the attacks ‘in situ’.

This enclave was also the workplace of Ivan Illarramendithe Basque who He was murdered in the October 7 attack on another kibbutz where he lived. In the place visited by Onda Cero was the soup kitchen where the Spaniard worked.

Juan de Dios Colmenero/

Sánchez, “overwhelmed” after visiting the kibbutz of the attack

During the visit, Pedro Sánchez has said he feels “overwhelmed” after having witnessed “the cruelty, the suffering and the anguish” that had to be experienced during the attack. In the place you could see the houses destroyed, burned, with belongings scattered inside and outside the buildings and many abandoned toys.

Furthermore, the president has said that only the consequences of all that “unjustified” painwhich only has destruction as its goal, and expressed his resounding condemnation of all of this.

But within all this “barbarism” he has highlighted that There remains hope for young people like the one with whom he commented that he had been able to speak and whose relatives had been killed in the Hamas action.

A young man who has transmitted his desire to rebuild life in the same place.

After this visit, Sánchez embarked on a trip to Ramallah to meet with the president of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas.

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