These are the places that the EU will offer next year for the resettlement of refugees

This was announced by the European Commissioner for the Interior, Ylva Johansson, during the Global Refugee Forum which began last Wednesday and ends this Friday. Johansson has also been convinced that an agreement can be reached on the European pact on migration and asylum before the Christmas holidays. Community commitment to refugees has allowed us to welcome a million people in the last three years. The European Union is the host country for 20% of the world’s refugees. Over the previous year, European countries granted refugee status to almost 400,000 people.

On the other hand, it has been known that The European Commission will give an additional 65 million euros to those countries that are under greatest pressure due to the flow of Ukrainians.


The Spanish Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration was present at this Global Refugee Forum, where Elma Saiz presented Spain’s contribution to welcoming the Ukrainian exodus after the Russian invasion. At the moment, our country hosts about 190,000 Ukrainians, only behind Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. In this sense, the minister assures that during this legislature resources will continue to be provided to confront the migration crises.

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