Seven people arrested in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands in an operation against Hamas

This Thursday seven people were arrested in a anti-terrorist operation against Hamas which has been developed simultaneously in Denmark, Germany and Netherlands. As reported by local authorities, these suspects are attributed a alleged collaboration with a view to future attacks.

The Danish authorities reported three detainees early in the morning and the German Prosecutor’s Office reported four other arrests, one of them in Rotterdam (Netherlands).

They are accused of belonging to “a foreign terrorist organization”, in particular Hamas, classified as such by the European Union. The German authorities consider that the four suspects identified by them have participated in the group’s operations abroad and even one of them had started looking for some kind of weapons cache before spring 2023.

The office of Benjamin Netanyahu has warned in a statement that Hamas wants to expand its operations around the world to “attack Israeli, Jewish and Western targets at any cost.” They also remember that The terrorist militia represents a threat to the security of all European countries and offer the help of Israel’s Intelligence services to dismantle future plots.

Netherlands precisely this week it raised the risk of a terrorist attack, while in Denmark This Thursday, the Police urged citizens to continue with their routines ahead of the Christmas holidays, anticipating that in cities like Copenhagen There will be more presence on the streets of the security forces.

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