The World Food Program warns that famine is increasing in northern Gaza

The World Food Program (WFP) warns of the little aid that continues to arrive in the north of the enclave. He denounces the little aid that has reached the northern half of the strip since the Israeli offensive began last October. There is a shortage of food, water, fuel and medicine and the UN warns that the few trucks that manage to enter Gaza only do so through the Egyptian Rafah crossing and do not reach the north, where the risk of the deadly combination of hunger, malnutrition and diseases.

“In the months that we have been here I have not received any food packages or any coupons, and there are thousands like me. Honestly, the trucks that come in are not enough,” says a displaced Gazan in Khan Yunis.

9 out of 10 Palestinians admit they cannot eat daily

The UN focuses on a “desperate” situation, which is no longer sustainable, with half of the Gazan population at risk of dying of hunger and 90% of Palestinians who cannot afford to eat every day.

Hamas, for its part, warns that at least half a million Palestinian citizens are at risk of dying of hunger due to the constant attacks by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) against northern Gaza. According to a senior Hamas official, Osama Hamdan, The Palestinian population has reached the point of “having to grind animal feed to feed themselves in the absence of food”, a situation for which Israel and its ally the US are responsible. “We hold the Israeli Government and the Biden Administration responsible for the massacres against our people and we call on international organizations to declare northern Gaza a famine zone,” adds this senior Hamas official.

The Israeli army turns a deaf ear to the complaints of the UN and NGOs and denies that episodes of famine are being recorded in the Gaza Strip.

The Netanyahu government recalls that since the offensive began, an average of 130 trucks of humanitarian aid have entered the Palestinian enclave, especially food and water.

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