Scandal in Italy over a mayor’s sexist comments: “A normal man, when he sees a woman’s ass, tries it”

Stefano Bandecchi, mayor of the Italian town of Terni, has unleashed the indignation of an entire country with his unpresentable statements in a plenary session on sexist violence.

During his speech, Bandecchi, from the centrist Popular Alternative party, dropped several ‘pearls’ that provoked the anger of the majority of those present. The politician assured that “when a normal man sees a girl’s pretty ass, he tries it.”

It is not the first time that Bandecchi reveals his machismo with similar statements. Last November he stated in an interview that the man who has never betrayed his girlfriend “is not a normal man.”

The councilor of Terni tried to address the criticism with some words that have only fueled the controversy. Bandecchi defended that Italian men would understand him“at least the normal ones, the mentally healthy ones.”

Seeking notoriety, he reiterated his words in plenary: “A normal man sees a girl’s ass, and tries it. If he succeeds, he fucks her. And if not, he returns home.”

The councilors reproached him for his words and in the face of such a lack of education and respect, They chose to leave the room in protest.

After what happened, The opposition as a whole has called for the politician’s resignation. In a statement they have disfigured his words and the language that he usually uses in plenary sessions. But, above all, they criticize that these comments were made when measures against sexist violence were being debated, which the mayor planned to vote against.

“Once again, the mayor demonstrates total lack of respect towards institutions and towards women, expressing incoherent concepts that we strongly condemn and that should push him to resign,” they point out in the letter.

Far from rectifying, the mayor has boasted about his words on social networks, laughing at all those who criticize him for his deplorable performance.

“If you want to exile me, please send me to the island of Elba because I would like to follow the same path as Napoleon,” he says ironically in a video published on his Instagram profile.

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