The UN warns that the situation in Gaza will be one of “anxiety and panic” due to the interruption of communications

Six weeks after the start of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, the head of the United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), Philippe Lazzarini, assured today that communications in the Gaza Strip have been completely interrupted. The companies that provide this service They have exhausted their last fuel reserves and its facilities can no longer continue operating.

Lazzarini predicts that this situation will generate an atmosphere of “anxiety and panic” in the population and that, together with the lack of water and food, “can end what remains of civil order in Gaza.” Since the war broke out, around 1.7 million Palestinians have left the country. The head of UNRWA emphasizes that this situation of “total chaos” will not help anyone. In addition, he warns that the staff of Your organization on the ground will not be able to communicate and your work will become even more complicated.

The humanitarian mission in danger

On the other hand, he claims that an attempt is being made to “strangle” their humanitarian operation on the fringe. Due to the disruption, the transportation of humanitarian aid, the supply of drinking water and other essential services becomes impossible. He warns that, if the fuel issue does not have a solution, there is a risk that the mission has to be suspended.

Water has become an obsession for Gazans“Everyone walks with a can in their hand,” Lazzarini said. He also recalled that fuel is vital for the desalination plants that transform seawater into drinking water to function.

The Israeli army has imposed a almost total blocking access to food, water, gasoline or supplies as medicines, making the humanitarian situation in Gaza increasingly worse. Since October 7, Israel’s bombings have resulted in 11,500 dead in Gaza and the destruction of most of the infrastructure, homes or residential buildings. In addition, a large number of hospitals are without service.

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