Closing of the electoral campaign in Argentina: Massa invokes utopia and Milei, a change of direction

This Thursday the electoral campaign in Argentina, which gives way to two days of reflection before celebrating the second round of the elections. Against all odds, it was Sergio Massa the winner of the first round, despite the fact that the polls gave victory to the far-right Javier Mileiwhich came in second position.

Next Sunday, November 19, 35 million Argentines must be called to the polls to choose between the populist extreme right of Javier Milei or the Peronism of Sergio Massa. Both have closed the electoral campaign with very clear messages, Massa invoking the triumph of utopia and Milei raising the specter of electoral fraud.

It is time to defend utopias

“Building a country with equal opportunities is thinking that the son of a bricklayer or a rural laborer have the same opportunity as anyone else to be president“, Massa hailed in his speech and added: “That this is our closing of the campaign in some way also represents what country we want. It is time to defend utopias“.

Likewise, Massa has committed to putting all his effort into achieving these wishes if he becomes president. “I’m going to leave my skin, my soul and all my strength so that we can build that country, which today is a utopia for usbut it can be reality,” he noted.

A different Argentina is impossible with the same old people

For his part, the far-right candidate has continued to sow doubts about electoral count reliability at the end of the campaign. “The work that the prosecutors do is important because they are the ones who are going to take care of the votes because the votes are there and we are going to beat them this Sunday”he has asserted.

Do not let yourself be overcome by fear because fear paralyzes“, he urged voters and asked them: Do we want to be begging a politician for a miserable job already a leader, when could we get genuine, quality employment?”

“A Different Argentina is impossible with the same old ones. Let’s take the risk and go for the glory, because Without risk we cannot embrace glory“Milei concluded.

When will the inauguration of the position take place?

Although the final electoral result will be this coming Sunday, it will not be until Sunday, December 10 when the vote will take place. inauguration of whoever is the new president.

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