The PP calls Sánchez “reckless” for “traveling to Israel to offend Israel”

The PP led by Alberto Núñez Feijóo has accused Pedro Sánchez of traveling to Israel to create a “problem for Spain” and of being “reckless in foreign policy”. After remembering what happened with Algeria, they have assured that visiting a country to “offend” it is “the opposite of diplomacy”, according to PP sources.

This is how the PP has spoken after the Israeli Foreign Ministry summoned the ambassadors of Spain and Belgium this Friday in retaliation forr the “false” statements made in recent hours by the president of the Spanish Government and the Belgian Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo, since they consider that it represents “support for terrorism” by Hamas.

According to the PP, traveling to Israel to “offend Israel” is “the opposite of diplomacy.” “Going invited to an ally’s house to offend him is the worst letter of introduction for Spain,” sources from the party leadership added.

At this point, the PP has recalled what happened in the relationship with Algeria and has accused Sánchez of “unmaking friends” for Spain.“First with Algeria and now with Israel,” emphasized Feijóo’s training, who considers Sánchez “reckless in foreign policy,” he added.

Sources from the PP have indicated that Sánchez “should not hinder the European consensus in this way, with the EU and with NATO, and the consensus in Spanish foreign policy.” “He has traveled to Israel so that the offense to his host, Netanyahu, will solve a problem of lack of coherence in his own Government and it has created a problem for him to Spain”, the aforementioned sources have added.

The PP considers that Sánchez “has put the interest of his government coalition ahead of the interest of his country”, with a trip that “has become counterproductive not only for the interests of Spain, but also of Europe.”

“To go last and create a conflict, it would be better not to have gone”have proclaimed from ‘Genoa’, to add that the PP “supports Israel and its right to combat terrorism, as well as supports the rights of the Palestinian people”, while “demanding respect for the life and safety of the innocent and the immediate release of those kidnapped.”

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