Imminent exchange of Israeli hostages for Palestinian prisoners following the agreement between Israel and Hamas

The operation, which will be carried out gradually, begins with the release this Friday of the first 13 hostages, women and children kidnapped by Hamasto whom the Red Crescent will previously carry out a medical examination, in exchange for 39 prisoners imprisoned in Israel.

The head of Prisons of the Palestinian National Authority, Qadura Fares, says that “the moment Israel receives its prisoners at the Rafah crossing, the prison authority will hand over the prisoners.” And he reveals to this senior Palestinian official that the process will take place in the Ofer military camp.

“The 150 Palestinian prisoners on the list to be released are from Jerusalem and the West Bank,” he clarifies. And he explains that in this first phase of the truce 24 women and 15 minors convicted of terrorism in Israel will be released.

The first convoys with humanitarian aid enter Gaza

The ceasefire, which will last four days and could be extended to ten if Hamas hands over more kidnapped people, will also allow humanitarian aid to enter Gaza. This morning they entered through the Egyptian Ráfah Pass the first trucks loaded with fuel, water and food, as well as two ambulances.

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