The new head of the Ukrainian Army will bet on innovation to turn the war around

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has changed the head of the armed forces to turn the war around. The relief of Valeri Zaluzhni opens a new stage in the war, when he is about to turn two years old, with a stagnation on the front that Zelensky hopes to break with the new road map entrusted to his successor in office: Colonel General Oleksandr Sirski.

In this way, Ukraine opens a new stage led by the new head of the Armed Forces, who has recognized that War “requires constant innovation against technological elements such as drones and electronic warfare.”

Through a message -via Telegram- Oleksandr Sirski has promised to protect the life and health of Ukrainians, guarantee the logistical viability of the war and redouble military technological development to win the war.

President Zelensky is convinced that This movement on the conflict board will serve to give a new impetus to the Ukrainian Army, which in recent months has lost the initiative on the front.

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