The Israeli ambassador will return to Spain after the “change for the better” in the Government’s messages

The Israeli ambassador to Spain, Rodica Radian-Gordonwill return at the beginning of next week after verifying the Executive of Benjamin Netanyahu “a change for the better” in the messages from the Spanish Government regarding the conflict in Gaza Stripas announced by the Israeli Foreign Ministry in a statement.

The new head of this department, Israel Katzin office since January 1, has made the decision after observing a change in the pronouncements by the Spanish Government and due to “the importance of relations between Israel and Spain”according to the statement.

With the return of the diplomat to Madrid “early next week”Israel intends for it to continue its activity to gain support for Israel’s right to protect its citizens from Hamas and international pressure to achieve the release of the hostages still in the hands of the terrorist group in the Strip, Foreign Affairs has explained.

The Israeli ambassador was called for consultations on November 30 following statements by the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchezin which questioned whether Israel was respecting International Humanitarian Law in its military offensive in Gaza in response to the Hamas terrorist attack of October 7.

Precisely, in its statement, the Israeli Foreign Ministry recalled that the ambassador’s call to Jerusalem for consultations occurred after “a series of problematic statements” by senior government officials.

diplomatic clash

Already a week before this happened, just when Sánchez was preparing to return from Egypt after a tour that had taken him the day before to Israel and Palestine with the Belgian Prime Minister, Alexander de Croothe Israeli Government had summoned the Spanish ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Then, Israel was bothered by the President of the Government’s statements from the Rafah crossing, the only gateway for humanitarian aid to Gaza from Egypt, which he considered that supported Hamas terrorismsomething that from the Spanish Executive was forcefully rejectedin turn summoning Radian-Gordon to Foreign Affairs.

The ambassador’s call for consultations, a forceful gesture to show her discomfort, came after Sánchez acknowledged that she had “frank doubts” that Israel was complying with the rules of war regarding the protection of civilians in Gaza in light of the number of victims, including children.

Both during his visit to Jerusalem, where he met with Netanyahu and the Israeli president, Isaac Herzogas before and also after, Sánchez has defended that Spain maintains a clear position on this issue, strong condemnation of terrorist attack by Hamas and recognition of Israel’s right to defend itself.

However, the President of the Government has made it clear that the Israeli military response must respect International Humanitarian Law and protect the civilian population.

Sánchez, who has proposed holding an international peace conference when hostilities cease, has also strongly defended that the best way to resolve the conflict is through the materialization of the two state solutionwhile defending that the Palestinian Authority, as the legitimate representative of the Palestinians, must be the one to assume control of Gaza once the Israeli offensive against Hamas concludes.

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